Fairy Tales

I don’t listen to a lot of country music, and what country I do listen to is happy music: John Denver’s Country Roads, Unkle Kracker’s Smile, Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors, etc. But one day I was driving down the road, and the words to this song started playing in my mind, complete with a melody. I have no idea if the melody belongs to someone else, but as far as I know, the lyrics are original with me. The tune has not been written or recorded yet; it’s still stuck inside my head. But I hope you like the words….

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Growing in Love

When you are newly wed, you’ll find the love of man and wife
Is but an infant, much too delicate to handle strife.
His very first objection comes and her defenses soar;
She runs and cries; infatuation flees through open door.

They shed the precious puppy love that tempted them to wed—
The joy at coming home from work too soon succumbs to dread;
He ridicules her cooking skills; she corrects him when he speaks.
(For some this takes a year or more, for others only weeks.)

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