Dashing through the Snow… or not

SB Merry Christmas (5)The Dark Side of the Moon has been practically eclipsed lately, and there is a reason—two reasons, in fact. One is that I am preparing for the largest craft show I have ever had the privilege of attending, and the other is that I am sick. In fact, I just came back from the doctor with more medicine to help knock out this bronchitis which has now plagued me for going on four weeks. It’s getting to the point where simple things are difficult due to a lack of energy. I am not complaining, just stating facts. God is still good, and I know that this too shall come to pass.

Most of November’s posts were scheduled well in advance, so it was easy to keep up even when I didn’t feel well. But when December hit, I realized very quickly that I was going to have to choose between the blogs (I have two) and my health. My health won. 🙂 This lady needs her rest. I’ve had to cut out other activities as well.

Once I have recuperated from Saturday’s craft show, I shall do my best to have more of a presence here on WordPress; however, I reserve the right to continue to be hit-or-miss as both a reader and a writer until the end of the year, as I’ll also be traveling for the holidays. In particular, my weekly decastich challenge posts will be absent because they do take time, thought, and energy to prepare, but I promise to get back to them ASAP.

In the meantime, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! If you celebrate some other holiday, or none at all, then have a Happy Day for whatever it may mean to you.


Photo courtesy of Encore Enterprises


Black & White Sunday Challenge: Shape

I may be a little late with this, but figured I could still have some fun with it anyway. I saw Cee Neuner’s post earlier in the week and decided to jump on the bandwagon but save my post for today since my other Sunday series is finished. Cee was responding to the Black & White Sunday Challenge: Shape hosted by Paula from Lost in Translation.

Some of the shapes I chose to illustrate are featured in common items, while the third illustration is quite extraordinary.

Bubbles in the sink


Remember this?


Ceiling in a historic building in Washington, DC

And since I write poetry, I think I’d like to round out this article about shapes with a shape poem….

The Narcissist’s Love Triangle

do love
me, that’s plain
to see. But also I grow
rather shy whene’er I pass a
looking-glass and just by chance
I cast a glance upon myself….   There
on the shelf are photos of the folks I love.
They are but three, you see: just I, myself & me.


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