On the Goodness of God

I have felt pain—
Pain that brought tears to the eyes
Pain so severe
That had it lasted longer than an instant
Unconsciousness mercifully would have delivered me.

I have known pain—
Pain that came day after day
Pain so heavy
That the weight of it forced a slowness to my step
And caused the simplest of tasks to seem impossible.

But I have a great God—
God heard the prayers on my behalf
And chose to answer by taking my pain clean away
He healed all my infirmities, but what is more—
He forgave me all my sins!

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The Twelve Days of Christmas (cover)

This time I thought the explanation should go before the poem. I wrote this version of the familiar Christmas song for a residence hall party while a student at a Christian university where physical contact between the sexes was not allowed. It is meant to be humorous and not at all a reflection of the rules of the institution. I hope you will enjoy it.

On the first day of Christmas my boyfriend gave to me… a big kiss on the cheek.
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I Found in My Sweet Mama

Long time ago in my youthful days, I dreamt that I’d be wed.
I’d find me a wife and I’d sing her praise ‘cause she’d keep me pleased and fed.
But the more I searched for that perfect girl, the more I began to shake,
Then I found in my sweet mama all the woman I could take.

I found in my dear mama all the woman I could take,
So I’ll take her out to dinner and buy her a juicy steak.
I’ll treat her like the queen she is, and I’ll make no mistake
‘Cause I found in my sweet mama all the woman I could take.

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