Ladies’ Night Out

Friday had come—pay day,
Ladies’ night out for the three musketeers,
Or so they’re been nick-named by their husbands.
A car with two boisterous women inside pulled up the driveway.
The horn honked raucously.
A younger woman came out of the house and climbed in
While waving goodbye to Mr. Goodbar, the nosy neighbor,
And the three musketeers were off.

Turning onto Fifth Avenue,
They arrived at their favorite shopping mall and piled out.
Wandering store to store, the women relived their teen years once again.
Doris found herself a new dress.
Kit-Kat (Katherine) got lost in mounds of classic movies.
And the youngest of the trio, Baby Ruth,
Was selected to receive a free mani-pedi!
To celebrate, her girlfriends took her to the jewelry store for something special.

Hours later, Mr. Goodbar could hear snickers, giggles, and chuckles
As the car returned to the driveway.
Baby Ruth got out and said good night to her friends,
Then entered the house and called out,
“Oh, Henry! You won’t believe what I found tonight!
Isn’t it lovely!”

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Walk with Me

My friend, though parallel our paths for now must be, walk with me,
Untouchable for a time, but not for all eternity.
We will walk quite closely for a while before the roads diverge;
Keep pace with me as our Father works His will, our hearts to purge.
Now nearer, now more distant, so our paths through this rugged land,
But when you cannot see me through the darkness, please understand
That even the separation is ordained as God has planned.
And we will not always walk alone, for someday, you shall see,
Yonder a bright hope shining, where two trails from the woods emerge,
You’ll come and take me, I’ll be yours, and we’ll go on hand in hand.

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Of Knees and Hugs

“I’ll come,
but I won’t give any hugs
because I have a cold.”
“Then I won’t look for one.”
Your response struck me as funny
Since I wasn’t in the habit of hugging you.
My hugs were for the seniors for whom we sang.

Somehow after the meeting
you and I got to talking about hugs
and you told me what your Nanny used to say:
“Every family needs knee-slapping,
and knee-bowing.”
“Your Nanny was a wise lady.”
Who could have guessed
the best of all friendships
would be sparked by talk
of knees and hugs?


Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Four Hours

How ever did we manage
To text for four hours
While avoiding the one thing
We most wanted to say?
This exercise of ours has a purpose:
In learning to wait,
I’ve come to know you well,
And you know me.
For four hours we talked
About God, health, work, and weather…
And all we heard was
“I love you.”


Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Will You Still Want Me

You are loved with an everlasting love…
And so am I.

The waiting is vital,
We both get that—
But how long?
How long must we wait?

Will you still want me
When the sun has burned away the dew of our youth,
When care has plowed his furrows in our brows,
When my azure diamonds have lost their sparkle,
And the heat has cooled in your garnet jewels,
Will you still want me?

When our friendship has endured the years,
Will we decide that friendship is enough?
Or will we at last be ready to embark
Upon that mysterious journey
And plummet the depths of a love born in maturity,
Ready to accept with equal grace
Both pleasure and disappointment?
Only time will tell.

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Wait for Me

Wait for me
Keep the pace we’ve come to know
Don’t walk too fast or go too slow
For the paths we tread run side by side
And I’d hate to come out far behind
Or, God forbid, in front of you
When our paths entwine
Down the road


for Esau
© 2017 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved


[Double Acrostic]

Like an anchor holding fast within a squall
One who cherishes your friendship as you do
Your companion through both grief and joy
Always willing to look past your faults with gracious myopia
Listener more than talker, good one to help keep your head level
Trusted friend who knows you at your worst and best
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