What’s in a Name

What’s in a name? It’s just a name,
A few small letters in a row.
Though countless others use the same,
To me it’s special, for I know
That when I speak his name, his ears
Are open to my voice. His smile
Can melt my sorrows, calm my fears.
And though we’re distant for a while,
The miles melt, my hopes enwreathe
Whenever I his name but breathe.

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Little Treasures

I read the book you gave to me;
It made me feel so close to you.
The words on every page I see,
You read them first, when you went through.
When turning to page ninety-three,
Some special tokens came in view.
For pressed between the pages there
Were petals from a once-red rose
And a ribbon ‘round a lock of hair—
Their meaning no one but us knows….

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Instead of counting our days, we should be making our days count.”

the days ’til
the waiting’s done,
when I shall be yours
and we two shall be one.
Though the waiting may seem long
I promise to be strong for you
and I will patiently bide my time—
‘Til the waiting’s done, I’m counting the days.
While waiting, I do not sit idly by.
No, I fill the moments with good things:
bringing cheer to others around
me, and bettering myself—
all for the sake of us.
Waiting no longer
seems so long, since
I’m making
the days


Double Etheree


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What will our future be like?
What will we do when we are old?

We will make love together…
And when we cannot make love
We will sing together…
And when we cannot sing
We will walk together…
And when we cannot walk
We will be together…


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In the Sunshine

Here I am, in the sunshine of his love—
Basking, soaking, drinking
Until it fills me through and through,
Chasing the chill of fear far away—
Glowing, warming, flooding
My soul with light and love,
Courage, and strength, and hope.
How can I fear when he is near?


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And soften
The sting of lonely
Days without you. Must you leave?
You’ll come again, I believe.
For this I only
And often


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Mirror Oddquain — Two oddquains, where the second is reversed.
Syllabic structure: 1-3-5-7-1-1-7-5-3-1
An Oddquain is a Cinquain minus one syllable from each line.
Rhyme not required, but this one does rhyme: abcdeedcba