The Dark Side of the Moon has more to do with secrets than with moods. These poems are more private, more personal, and more intimate than my other writing. These are love poems, taken from the pages of my journals. They span a wide array of experiences and maturity levels, from a pubescent girl with her first crush to a seasoned woman approaching a quarter century of marriage. They address fulfillment and ecstasy as well as brokenness and loss. These come from many relationships and include things that were, or might have been, things that are, or could be. I will not distinguish between them, mind you, but leave you to come to your own conclusions.

This page is not about me or for me. It’s for you, my reader. But there is a page here that we both can share: the “Borrowed” page. There you will find poems written by other bloggers who¬†have sung their songs to my spirit and made a connection. I know I will want to rehearse them over and over, and I think you will too.


I am a woman who
has bestowed much love
dispensed much joy
dealt much hurt
rendered much healing
extended much forgiveness

And for every one of these gifts that I have given
I have received that much and more of the same


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