Sunny Sunday

looking upward into the tree from my hammock

Sunny Sunday afternoon—
perfect time
to sway in the hammock,
staring blankly into the foliage
that towers above me
and dances
to the music of my mind.

As I sway and stare
my vision veers
from real to remembered
and once again I find myself
lost in happy thoughts of you—
Our past…
Our present…
Our future…

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Wish (curated)

Travel through time
to meet loved ones again
Only valued
When they depart
Look around
Why don’t we start
Normally late
dear darlings
close and away
from today

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Ladies’ Night Out

Friday had come—pay day,
Ladies’ night out for the three musketeers,
Or so they’ve been nick-named by their husbands.
A car with two boisterous women inside pulled up the driveway.
The horn honked raucously.
A younger woman came out of the house and climbed in
While waving goodbye to Mr. Goodbar, the nosy neighbor,
And the three musketeers were off.

Turning onto Fifth Avenue,
They arrived at their favorite shopping mall and piled out.
Wandering store to store, the women relived their teen years once again.
Doris found herself a new dress.
Kit-Kat (Katherine) got lost in mounds of classic movies.
And the youngest of the trio, Baby Ruth,
Was selected to receive a free mani-pedi!
To celebrate, her girlfriends took her to the jewelry store for something special.

Hours later, Mr. Goodbar could hear snickers, giggles, and chuckles
As the car returned to the driveway.
Baby Ruth got out and said good night to her friends,
Then entered the house and called out,
“Oh, Henry! You won’t believe what I found tonight!
Isn’t it lovely!”

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I lay there
On the hard floor,
Letting the darkness
Swallow me up as the
Setting sun bereaved my room
Of light. Spirit was already
Bereaved of desire for anything
That once brought to me happiness. Hot tears
Cleansed the soul, but not entirely. I prayed
To my Father in heaven. This too
Soothed my soul, but a vacancy
Remained. He said, “I gave You
Friends for times such as these.
Seek them.” And I did.
With dear friends I’m
Not alone


Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Double Etheree
Two Etheree stanzas, where the second one is reversed.
Syllabic count: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Rhyme not required



Walk with Me

My friend, though parallel our paths for now must be, walk with me,
Untouchable for a time, but not for all eternity.
We will walk quite closely for a while before the roads diverge;
Keep pace with me as our Father works His will, our hearts to purge.
Now nearer, now more distant, so our paths through this rugged land,
But when you cannot see me through the darkness, please understand
That even the separation is ordained as God has planned.
And we will not always walk alone, for someday, you shall see,
Yonder a bright hope shining, where two trails from the woods emerge,
You’ll come and take me, I’ll be yours, and we’ll go on hand in hand.

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10-line Poem Challenge #23: Cinq Trois DecaLa Rhyme

Welcome to Week 23 of the Decastich Challenge. Allow me to introduce you to the Cinq Trois DecaLa Rhyme, invented by Laura Lamarca. Beginning this week, I will also give you a new way to share your contributions. Instead of waiting to see your links added to next week’s challenge, there will be a place in this post for you to link your poem yourself. That’s right. I stepped out of my comfort zone once again and learned about the little frog over at Inlinkz. 🙂 I think this will work much better for all of us….

So now, are you ready to learn about the Cinq Trois DecaLa Rhyme? Great! Then keep on reading.

What in the world does the name mean? I’m not entirely sure, but I could take it apart and figure out most of it.

Cinq is French for 5
Trois is French for 3
Deca suggests 10
La Rhyme refers to the fact that this is a rhyming poem

Okay. So there 15 syllables on each line (5×3). Also, there are 3 rhyming sounds throughout the poem. The stanza consists of 10 lines, and it rhymes.

In my source, where I learned about this form, deca and la were put together, just as I present it, with a capital D and a capital L. I don’t know if that is a mistake or if that’s the way Ms. Lamarca intended it. But since I don’t know any better, I’m leaving it as is until further notice.

To summarize, the Cinq Trois DecaLa Rhyme is:

• A decastich (10-line poem) written in only one stanza.
• It has 15 syllables per line.
• Rhyme scheme: aabbcccabc
• Meter is optional

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Not Why, but What

Dear Father,
You have been silent for so long.
While I wait on You,
I ask not “Why?” but “What?”
What would You have me learn?
What would You have me do?

I will learn to trust You more.
And I will wait.


Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved


When love appears before you,
Do not tiptoe
For fear and caution
Advance too slowly
And before you know it
Love is gone

Leap eagerly into his open arms
They wait to catch you
And enfold you
In acceptance both
Given and received


Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Written a few weeks ago in response to the prompt “leap” in a Facebook writers’ group, although I cannot remember now just which one. 😦

A Moment in Time

A night light cast long shadows across the room
Kneeling there in the semi-dark beside The Chair
My shoulders shook with sobs that would not fall
Dry eyes longed for tears
Where were they?

I did not hear you open the door to my sanctuary
But I heard soft footsteps behind me and hoped it was you
A hand came to rest upon my shoulder
My sobbing ceased
I turned and saw the legs of a man
You took my hand and drew my eyes to the level of your own
Yes! It was you!
Suddenly the aching in my heart didn’t hurt so much
You wrapped me in your arms and held me close
So close
Our hearts beat as one
For a moment in time I belonged to you
I found comfort in your touch
Acceptance in your eyes
There were no words, for words were not needed

You could not stay, for out there you would be missed
But the point is that you came
And that made all the difference
You found my hand again in the darkness
And held it a moment longer
Before letting it slip softly away.
When you disappeared around the corner
The tears that would not come before now flowed like a raging river
For in that moment in time
I fell in love with you


Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved