What’s in a Name

amaryllis budEach day the view is different, yet the same
The flowers take their turns at turning out
I still don’t know the species all by name.
A new one lately has begun to sprout;
Unknown, I still enjoy it just the same.
An amaryllis, I have little doubt,
If leaf and stalk, and color can define.
A few more days, the blossom will be full,
As daily it receives both rain and shine.
Though nameless, it shall still be beautiful.

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Starry Night

The midnight sky was clear last night,
Full moon illumined the ground;
The heavens were a wondrous sight—
Sparkling stars shone all around.

I stood there gazing at the sky,
Entranced by their steadfastness;
A shooting star sailed quickly by,
But changed not heaven’s vastness.

Star-studded heavens like forever are—
My life as brief as that small shooting star.

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Sunny Morning

Clouds drift lazily in the blue,
Love-sick birds in branches meet,
First one honeybee, now a few
Come to gather nectar sweet.

Chirps and trills fill the air with song,
Stirring wind chimes lend their voice.
I could stay out here all day long,
Bask in sunlight and rejoice.

Housework calls, and yet I feel no sorrow—
I’ll come back outside again tomorrow.

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Golden Hush


Autumn leaves astir
Whispering their golden hush
Winter’s on its way

Autumn leaves astir
Laughing in the chilly breeze
Thankful for the sun

Whispering their golden hush
Summer work is done
Soon it’s time to rest

Winter’s on its way
Another leaf turns loose
And floats to the ground


November 1, 2017 ~ Troiku
© 2017 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Motivated by Linda Lee Lyberg after reading her Troiku: Hunter, and following the link she provided to learn more about this fascinating form.

Photo courtesy of Encore Enterprises, 2017.