Promises for Life

The world is often merciless,
And loved ones dispense hate.
But you, my angel, came to me,
And I became your refugee.
You saw my pain was great.
In a time when selfishness was rife,
We promised to be friends for life.

Our bond cemented through the years.
Your weaknesses I found;
And with the new strength I had gained,
I bolstered you, and thus sustained
Your feet on solid ground.
One day you took me as your wife;
We vowed to have and hold for life.

Our path has not a straight one been—
So many snags and curves,
So many times we had to wait,
Allowing God to check our gait.
All this God’s glory serves.
And though we had our share of strife,
We kept our promises for life.

Shared for #OctPoWriMo.

Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

The Gilbert
Named for William Schwenk Gilbert (of Gilbert & Sullivan) (1836-1911) and is patterned after his poem “The House of Peers.”
Written in 3 septets
Metered: L1, L3, L4, L6, L7 = tetrameter; L2, L5 = trimeter
Rhymed scheme: xabbacC xdeedcC xfggfcC, where x is unrhymed and C is a refrain, though it need not be repeated word for word
Total length: 21 lines
Syllabic structure: 8-6-8-8-6-8-8 per stanza

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