Teddy’s Play Day


very old teddy bear leaning against bed pillows

Many, many years ago, when Teddy was much younger than today…

I left him keeping watch upon my bed while I
Went off to school to learn to add and multiply.
But Teddy didn’t want to be there all alone;
And so he slipped down off the bed, picked up the phone,
And called the teddy bear next door to see if he
Was just as bored, and would he like some company.

The other bear said, “Certainly! Come right away.
The house is empty, so we have all day to play.”
One challenge lay before him: getting past the door,
But nothing is too difficult for Theodore.
By standing on a chair, he reached the knob with ease,
And soon his fur was warmed by sun and stroked by breeze.

He reached the neighbor’s house, but at the door he said,
“Like me, you must be tired of sitting on the bed.
Instead of going in, let’s stay outside a while.”
He won his argument with an endearing smile.
So in the yard they played until he took a slip
My Teddy fell down hard, and falling, broke his hip.

I found him, picked him up, and as I sang some songs,
I mended him and put him back where he belongs.

Shared for #OctPoWriMo.

This is my Theodore, and this is what he looks like today. When I drew his picture in back 1985, he still had a nose. You can’t see it, but there’s a stiff wire, like a heavy-duty coat hanger, sticking out from one of his hips. Hence, the broken hip in the story. I have no idea how it really happened. All his paws have also been restitched, and his nose and mouth were glued back on a couple times. Needless to say, Theodore was well loved, if not well cared-for.

I drew the picture in my sketch book when I was 16 years old. Then I cut it out of the book, created a “matte” of construction paper, which I marbled with soft pastels, then glued the picture in place on the front of the construction paper and framed it. Unfortunately, the glue now shows through. I didn’t know anything about using acid-free materials back then. Someday I’ll draw a new picture, but I’ll never get rid of this one. I had never taken an art class, I simply reproduced what I saw. The bed is long since gone.

Theodore (4)Theodore (1)

“Teddy’s Play Day” Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Teddy Poem
Attributed to “The Dread Poet Roberts”
Written in 3 sestets summed up by an orphan couplet. It also begins with a starter line: “Many, many years ago, when Teddy was much younger than today…” The topic of these poems is always the adventures of Theodore E. Bear.
Metered: iambic hexameter (alexandrine)
Rhyme scheme: x aabbcc ddeeff gghhii jj
Total length: 21 lines

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