Rain on Me

Rain on me
Let your drops fall on me softly
Caress my forehead
and lips
Linger there a while on my lips
so that I may drink my fill of you…
Let my neck lead you to my breasts
Where you may puddle and swim
Let me open my mouth so you can rain
On my tongue…
Flow through my hair
Pulling it straight and away from my face
Drip down onto my back
Trace all my curves as gravity pulls you downward
Penetrate my clothing
Until your touch makes me fully wet
Mingle with the moisture there that is not rain
Then rain in me

Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved

14 Replies to “Rain on Me”

  1. Oh My!! This is such a sensuous and intimate experience as you navigate us into Ecstasy! A woman’s request/demand is almost impossible to resist! The only thing better than reading this would be to hear you recite it in an audio! Maybe someday??? Bellissimo, Dear Lady, Bellissimo!

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