If Only

I sit on porch and watch the people pass
While fickle rain comes down in starts and stops.
A tiny tree frog from the awning hops
And seeks new shelter in the green of grass.
The moistened pavement shimmers much like glass.
An acorn falls, and in a puddle plops,
A puddle made by many dewy drops—
A wonder, that uniting, they amass.

If only we could come together too,
United in one purpose, for one cause,
To think of ourselves less, of others more,
To put an end to hatred, strife, and war.
The rain would rise, the thunder sound applause,
Imagining the wonders we could do!


Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Italian (Petrarchan) Sonnet
Iambic pentameter
Rhyme scheme: abbaabba cdeedc
Volta: line 9


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