Always Together, Forever Apart

I can’t remember when I did not know
The friendship that has grown between us two.
Was there a time that I did not love you?
When you were not the source of my rainbow?
How carefully a bond like ours can grow,
Tightly knit by silken threads of trust,
Fashioned over time, as sure they must,
And tested by life’s most barbaric blow.

At last I understand how we connect,
And yet how we must ever separate be:
For I’m the evening’s end, you, morning’s start;
I’m sandy shore, and you the waves erect;
I’m surface oil, and you the water free—
Always together, forever apart.


Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Italian (Petrarchan) Sonnet

Iambic pentameter
Rhyme scheme: abbaabba cdecde
Volta: line 9

Based on a line from The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
This is the story of life-long lovers separated in their sunset years by Alzheimer’s disease.


One Reply to “Always Together, Forever Apart”

  1. The distance between does not always represent a divide; often, it can serve as a bridge as well, drawing two forces together with a force incomprehensible but irresistible just the same… Lovely poem, friend.

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