New Beginnings

Another day, another new beginning,
before there come another rest.
Failure isn’t sinning,
as long as you have done your best.

It’s been a little while since I’ve done any writing. It seems lately I’ve been taking a lot of breaks. But the breaks are necessary because there’s so much else that also needs to be done. I am learning to live within my limits. Spreading myself as thin as a crepe never did anyone any good. I do what I can, alternating the things that don’t get done, and that’s all I can do. Perhaps you feel the same way.

Copyright © 2021 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Name derived from the name of the micro-fiction form “Drabble,” which is a story consisting of exactly 100 words. A Dribble is a poem consisting of exactly 100 letters (not characters—spaces and punctuation are not counted) in four lines.
Because of the brevity of the poem, the title is integral to the poem (though not included in the count).
Usually humorous
Rhyme scheme: abab

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