K ~ Kindly Kangaroos

Kindly kangaroos
keep kale, keenly karate
kick killers’ keisters.

Written as part of a series of Alphabet Haiku

To write this one, I did a little research into the habitat and eating habits of the kangaroo because, as with most people around the world, I’ve heard of kangaroos, but I don’t really know a lot about them, since they are not native to my neck of the woods.

What I learned is that there are several species of kangaroo, varying in size from about 7 inches to 7 feet, and all of them are herbivores. Their specific diets vary according to the region in which the kangaroos live, but they do include leafy greens. So while none of them are likely to feast upon kale in particular, it may only be because it doesn’t grow where they live. But they would eat it if they could.

When threatened, or when defending their territory or claiming mating rights, the kangaroo will balance on his muscular tail and kick his opponent with his strong hind legs. He doesn’t actually kick him in the keister, but in the abdomen. However, there is no way to spell abdomen with a k. Besides, it’s a figure of speech. 😉


Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

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