Poetry Party

When friends come by for cuppa Joe,
To spend some time
In sharing rhyme,
We often try a new rondeau
Or build “Whyquains”
From our cinquains.
The haiku’s fun, and the Benison,
A decannelle
And villanelle,
But our favorite one is the amphion.


Rhyme scheme: abbaccdeed
I added my own element of internal rhyme between lines 1&4, 7&10.
So for this one the rhyme scheme is (a-b)cc(a-b)dd(e-f)gg(e-f)
where the letters in parentheses indicate both internal and end rhyme for those lines.

Celebrating One Year on the Dark Side of the Moon

Admittedly, I have never hosted a poetry party in my home, with a pot of fresh coffee on the counter and flesh-and-blood writers gathered around the table. But through the many challenges available on this and other blogs, we do have our virtual poetry parties. We can bring our own coffee, tea, or iced beverage—and our poetry, of course—and share it with our fellow writers from around the world.

I love this community, and I’m very happy to have been here for a year now. Many thanks to those of you who have made me feel welcome as a newbie writer, to all who have liked/commented/shared my posts, and to you who have shared a bit of your own hearts and lives through your writing and photographs. It has been my joy to read, like, comment, and reblog things I’ve learned from you as well. The interaction on WordPress and beyond is very much akin to what it was like for me to learn a foreign language, in that it has opened a whole new world to me that I never knew was out there.

This blog (and one other) were created as part of a journey toward becoming a published author. You are helping me toward that end, and I hope that I am helping you too, whatever your purpose may be. We are here to encourage one another, to teach each other new things, and to show one another that we are not alone in our struggles, fears, and challenges.

In the coming year I may start a new job outside the home as a proofreader. If I take the job, I will continue to blog, although I may be forced to cut back to just a few posts per week. Time will tell. One thing is sure: The Friday poetry challenges will keep going because I cherish the connections that have been forged through them. (Not only that, but I’m learning new things too, and learning is fun!)

Speaking of learning… In the poem I mentioned the rondeau, whyquain, cinquain, haiku, Benison, decannelle, villanelle, and amphion. Some of those forms may be new to you. Stick around for my Friday poetry challenges, and eventually we will get to all of them! In fact, we’ve already covered the haiku, decannelle, and amphion. If you missed those studies, you may click on the links in this paragraph to jump right to them.

God bless you all!



“Poetry Party” copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

5 Replies to “Poetry Party”

  1. I enjoyed reading this post about “Poetry party”, it has been a great pleasure to have met you through WordPress. I didn’t know you from the beginning of your blog, but I have been following you for a while now and learned so much about poetry. Looking forward to future challenges my friend. Blessings and all the best in future endeavors.

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    1. You are one of the reasons I’m still here. I had seriously considered putting this blog on ice a few months back because I don’t really have time to keep two daily blogs going indefinitely… but then you responded to my poetry challenge by writing a poem of your own, and I thought, “How could I quit now? I simply must find a way to keep it going.” Thank you, Elsie. I always wanted to keep it going, but you gave me a reason. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for such a beautiful response, I appreciate it, but if you find it is getting too much coping with two blogs please do whatever is easier for you, I really won’t mind, you have taught me so much. Have a nice day.

        Liked by 1 person

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