Walk with Me

My friend, though parallel our paths for now must be, walk with me,
Untouchable for a time, but not for all eternity.
We will walk quite closely for a while before the roads diverge;
Keep pace with me as our Father works His will, our hearts to purge.
Now nearer, now more distant, so our paths through this rugged land,
But when you cannot see me through the darkness, please understand
That even the separation is ordained as God has planned.
And we will not always walk alone, for someday, you shall see,
Yonder a bright hope shining, where two trails from the woods emerge,
You’ll come and take me, I’ll be yours, and we’ll go on hand in hand.

Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Cinq Trois DecaLa Rhyme — 10-line rhymed poem (decastich) written in one stanza
Every line has 15 syllables
Rhyme scheme: aabbcccabc




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