If I loved you more, would I love others less?
Or would my loving you but deepen my capacity to bless?
And would losing you then leave me comfortless?
Or would I find a stronger, firmer anchor for my happiness?

© 2017 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved
September 19, 2017 ~ Monorhyme
trochaic hexameter alternating with iambic octameter

Written in response to Björn Rudberg’s challenge on d’ to write a poem that asks a question. As it happens, I have written a couple question poems recently, but they are scheduled for particular days in the not-too-distant future, so I wrote this short one for today.

23 Replies to “Musings”

  1. It is one of the things we tell our child when the next one arrives – love has no limits. One child, twenty children, love has no limits. One friend, a dozen friends, love has no limits.

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    1. Sort of. God is the source of unfailing love. If I look only to myself, I will eventually run dry. But like a sponge, the more I squeeze out into the lives of others, the more I am able to absorb into myself. If I stop loving others, eventually I will become saturated and unable to receive love myself.


  2. VERY late to the reading 😦
    Glad you posted this for dVerse. I’m reminded of how I felt, carrying our second child and taking care of our first, loving her so much! How, I thought, could I possibly love this soon-to-be second child as much as I do the first. Turns out, the heart simply expands. We have a saying in our family, “More Love…” 🙂

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    1. I tried to respond from my phone, but it looks like it didn’t work. :\ Anyway, I totally agree with you, and we felt the exact same way when our second child came along. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.


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