Double Header

The game we started off to play last spring
Seemed innocent enough to me at first.
You quickly rounded bases one, two, three,
Then made that final turn and slid for home.

The game was over—at least that’s what I thought.
But you had grown intrigued to learn my skill,
To see me poised and ready at the bat
And equally untamed when in the field.

You called for a rematch. A double header.
The hour was late. My rhythm was off. But you
Beguiled me with the sparkle in your eyes.
So how could I say no to one more game?

For both of us are lovers of the sport
And sometimes I just don’t know when to stop.


August 31, 2017 ~ Blank Sonnet
Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved

I don’t normally write commentary about my poems, but I must comment about this one. My Friday poems have leaned towards erotica, which is an experimental genre for me. In fact, that’s the whole reason why I created Dark Side of the Moon. This is my secondary blog, just so I can keep the erotica separate from my other works.

Today’s poem was going to be erotic. I have a file full of poem titles, which I call my “seed thoughts.” All my Friday seed thoughts are potentially erotic, and “Double Header” was intended to go in that direction, but I’ve lost my taste for that sort of writing.

I will not delete the ones I’ve already published because I don’t care to create a bunch of dead links online that may cause confusion and frustration for others in the future, should anyone find them and be curious enough to click. But perhaps the poems will just sit here and be forgotten. As far as literature goes, I suppose they are good. I mean, I felt confident enough to publish them.

But when it comes to representing the love relationship, I could do much better. God gave us sex to be enjoyed between a husband and his wife. It’s a very good thing, and it is intended to give great pleasure. I’ll still write about it, but I’ll do it tastefully. I’m not trying to preach, so I’ll just leave it at that. I just wanted you to understand why my writing seems to be all over the place (if you’ve even noticed ☺).

To be honest, I’ve had some wonderful experiences—and some horrible ones too—and I’ve written about them all, the good and the bad. Since others have experienced these same things, I wanted to share my writing with you. That’s why I try to cycle through the different experiences throughout the week. And that’s why it seems (at least to me) like I’m all over the place in my writing. But perhaps this little explanation will help to put it into perspective.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do on Fridays in the place of erotica. I am working on some more poetry tutorials, so that just may be what will fill the spot. Or perhaps I’ll simply clean up the language of my poems, like I did today. We shall see….

Oh, yes. Since I’m “coming clean” on what I’ve been doing on the Dark Side of the Moon, you may have noticed two names in use here lately: Linda Luna and Abigail Gronway. Linda Luna is the immature and/or wild me. Abigail Gronway is the more settled, stable me. But I assure you, they are both me. And there is another me floating around out there somewhere. She is a writer too. Actually, she is not floating. She has both feet firmly planted on the ground. 😉 Just a bit of Friday humor. And now I must go.

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

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