My Dearest,

Truly your face is continually before me.
In my dreams I see you,
In my waking moments I think of you,
In my music I hear your voice.
In my prayers your name is mentioned first,
and last,
and often in between.
That you could love me amazes me—
But the greater wonder is that God,
Who knows my thoughts, my faults, my
weaknesses, my sins,
Could love me with a perfect love.
God has given me the capacity to
love you,
And by His grace, that capacity will ever expand,
‘Til death do us part.

TBT: Written April 1, 1990
Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved

7 Replies to “My Dearest,”

  1. I really loved this! This sounded to me like it should be a wedding vow??? Some lucky guy or fictional character – either way a lucky guy to have the love of such a woman or woman to have the love of such a guy!!! Just reread it and Yip – definitely wedding vow! Loved it. Thank for sharing!

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