Samuel. Your name means,
“Asked of God.”
Many were the nights I
Unabashedly prayed for
Everything I wanted in a man. The
Lord, in reply, gave me you.

TBT: Written April 2, 1990 for an old boyfriend. I was fond of doing acrostics back then. Don’t get me wrong—I still like them, but back then I used this form a lot.

And evidently he wasn’t my answer to prayer after all, since we ended up not getting married. 🙂

Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved

5 Replies to “Samuel”

      1. I absolutely appreciate it, and any little tidbit from the Bible–the names are wonderful, filled with more revelation of God and his relationship to us, His children. I’m considering changing my name legally to Jael–which is just my current blog author name. She had fierce strength, and I’m determined to get a full measure of that!! 🙂 God bless you–have a great weekend!

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      2. It is a beautiful name, and perfect for you. She certainly did have a tremendous amount of fortitude. I had no idea it was your pen name. I had thought about asking you if your name came from the Bible. 🙂


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