My All-in-All

I swore I wouldn’t fall
in love, pour my heart, my all
in love, before you came to call.
Then to you I bore a gift not small—
for evermore you are my all-in-all.

Jumping Rhyme
Created by Amanda J. Norton
Monorhyme quintet with line length increasing from 6 to 10 syllables
Line length is based on syllables; rhyme pattern is based on words.
Internal rhyme starts with Word 2 of L1 and “jumps” up a word each line until the last, where it jumps back one word.
Syllabic structure: 6-7-8-9-10
Rhyme scheme: internal and external monorhyme ~ The endings of each line rhyme, but there is an additional step-monorhyme going on internally, as follows:
L1, syllable 2;
L2, syllable 3;
L3, syllable 4;
L4, syllable 5; then jump back
L5, syllable 4, hence the name of the form


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