Yellow Sidlak

Run care-free
in the summer sun
dance among the buttercups
remember the days when you were young

A Sidlak is a structured poem consisting of five lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables and a color. The last line must be a color that describes the whole poem or the feeling of the writer.

I felt unsure about this one, so I have included links to some other people’s sidlaks as well. While the instructions appear to be clear, the interpretation of those instructions varies from one poet to another. I hope you enjoy these.

Bright Red ~ My dear friend Elsie Hagley, a.k.a. Kiwinana, wrote “Summer Days.”

Blue and Green ~ I found another summertime poem, “A Sunny Day,” written by Mukhamani.

Pink ~ “Bountiful Nature” is a springtime poem, written by Anthony Renfro of One Poet Ranting.


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