CPC #4: Insane Cinquain

Cinquain Poetry Challenge #4

The Insane Cinquain

The Insane Cinquain form was invented on September 3, 2012, by Amanda J. Norton, a.k.a. Dark Butterfly on AllPoetry.com.

Stanza 1 has a syllable count of 4-6-5-7-8 and is rhymed abxab.
Stanza 2 has a syllable count of 8-7-5-6-4 and is rhymed cdxcd.
There is no meter requirement.

The poem should be centered on the page.

This form has nothing to do with either the standard form or the more common Crapsey form (which we will study next week). It is called a cinquain simply because the stanzas have five lines each. I believe the “insane” nature of the poem is the fact that there is nothing symmetrical about it, either in the syllabic structure or in the rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme is close to being symmetrical, but misses the mark. This is, however, a fun form to work with, though I won’t say it’s the easiest one I ever did. The challenge is rhyming lines of varying lengths.

Insane Cinquain summary:

• 2 rhymed 5-line stanzas, 10 lines total
• Syllabic count: 4-6-5-7-8, 8-7-5-6-4
• Rhyme scheme: abxab cdxcd, where x is unrhymed


This one is mine. I hope is suffices to show you what you can do with this form.

“Poetry and Painting”

I’d rather paint
when it’s time for writing.
My mind’s a jumble.
And clearly I am no saint—
I like to keep life exciting.

When I’m supposed to be painting,
that’s when I’d much rather write.
(Dear, please forgive me.)
More new forms acquainting—
Alas, my plight!

Write Your Own

Now it’s time for you to write your own Insane Cinquain.

    1. Write your poem.
    2. Publish to your blog.
    3. Come back here and click the link to add your post to the linkup.
    4. Encourage your friends to join the party!
    5. Read other people’s posts and leave a comment.

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    And now I must walk away from my laptop and return to my studio to paint. Why? Because—great news—I’ve been selected to participate in my first ever juried art show! It will be held the first weekend of March. But you mean a lot to me, so my regular posts will continue, thanks to the wonderful ability to schedule them in advance. The biggest impact is that I’ll be absent a little more than usual from conversations until about March 4th. In the mean time, say a prayer for me, please! Thanks!

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