Lasting Friendship

A lasting friendship can bring both pleasure and sorrow;
to kindred spirits, the decades will seem brief.
Through tears and laughter, together they’ll greet tomorrow,
until one of them leaves the other in grief.

a Hindi stanzaic form employing a rhyming couplet with long syllabic lines. The Doha is also used in Urdu verse. This form steps away from the Hindi tradition of romantic verse and is often written as didactic or used in longer narrative verse.
The Doha is stanzaic, which means it may be written in any number of couplets.
Each line has 24 syllables, with a pause (caesura) after the 13th syllable, making the line two phrases of 13 and 11 syllables each. The couplet can be arranged as a quatrain, breaking the line at the caesura.
The Doha is commonly used for proverbs and/or longer narratives or didactic poetry.
Rhyme scheme: aa

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