Cup of Tea

I am a poet.
But what does that mean?
When I find myself steeped
in hot water,
words naturally issue forth.
they color my world,
give it flavor,
help me savor
every bitter sip and swallow.
Poetry is
my cup of tea.

Written for Quadrille #72 at d’Verse, for which the theme is STEEP.

Coincidentally, I was taking a sip of tea, with the tea bag still steeping in the cup, when I read the topic for this week’s Quadrille. A smile stole across my face, but the idea for the poem did not flow as easily as the tinted water, nor taste as good. In fact, this is not the best poem that ever came from my mind, though it probably isn’t the worst either. The truth is, I’m tired. Perhaps I should have waited until later… then again, later the tea would be cold. 🙂

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