Finding Friendship

You found me stumbling in the dark,
Then took my hand and led the way;
You lit my path with your own spark
Until it shone as bright as day.
_____As bright as day you led the way—
_____My path, your spark, found in the dark.

And as we walked, we sang a song;
Our voices raised a happy tune.
We traveled so the whole day long;
Your presence there was such a boon.
_____Our happy tune was such a boon;
_____We sang a song the whole day long.

But then you stumbled on the road,
And it became my turn to cheer;
I helped you stand, I bore your load,
And to your weeping gave an ear.
_____My turn to cheer, I gave an ear,
_____Then on the road I bore your load.

We travel with a single view—
Dear friends, by each the other blessed;
My joy is full because of you,
And in my arms you’ve come to rest.
_____Friends come to rest, each other blessed,
_____A single view: my joy is you.

Written for #OctPoWriMo

Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Inverted Refrain
invented by Jan Turner
comprised of any number of sestets
Last 2 lines of each stanza are always indented.
Isosyllabic: 8 syllables per line
The first 4 lines of a stanza create a statement from which the last 2 lines extract the meaning and invert the way it is said.
Only 2 rhymes, lots of repetition
Rhyme Scheme: ababba cdcddc…

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