Abbreviated Haiku 1-3

Many of you are already doing the Alphabet Haiku challenge with me on Fridays. Now I’ve decided that on Saturdays and Sundays for #OctPoWriMo I am going to try other haiku forms. Well, some of them may not truly be haiku, but they will all be succinct. I hope you like them. And maybe you will want to give these a try as well. As always, you’ll find the scansion (how to do it) at the bottom of the post.

pink flower with fall foliage in background


chatter above me—
treetop songs


pale-pink flowers in autumn—
who knew




Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Abbreviated Haiku
Written in either 2 or 3 lines
Syllable count may be 3-5-3, 7-2, or 2-3-2
Untitled, little to no punctuation, no capitalization
I wrote one of each. (Does not have to be centered)

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