Oh, how painful was the subtraction of my love!
I remain as but a fraction without my love

The agony resounds within my hollow heart
How deeply sounds the abstraction without my love

The morning dawns. I rise. But where am I to go?
I walk in a great distraction without my love

The mirror tells me I may follow her ere long
Aghast at my own reaction without my love

But she is gone, and I am left to live alone
Can I seek joy, satisfaction, without my love?

Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

A poem written in an odd number closed couplets (5 minimum, 25 maximum)
The theme is love, particularly the pain of love.
The lines are isosyllabic (all the same length), though the particular length is at the poet’s discretion.
The couplets contain internal monorhyme and a refrain.
Rhyme scheme: AA bA cA dA eA
The author’s name or pen name often appears in the last line, or at least a reference to it.This one has twelve syllables in every line, but no particular rhythm.


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