Ojos del Cielo

I wonder how the sky gave up its hue,
How it concentrated all its brightness
To form the orbs that you are looking through.
Glowing sun has also lent his lightness;
The moon, her mystic iridescent glow,
Filling them with cheerful spunk and spriteness,
Reflections of the girl I’ve come to know.
Gazing in your heavens, I’m ecstatic!
I knew all this when first we said hello:
Ever learning—always enigmatic.

Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Stress Matrix Dectet ~ 10-line poem with 10 syllables per line
rhyme and rhythm are strict
odd lines are iambic pentameter; even lines are trochaic pentameter
Rhyme scheme: aBaBcBcDcD, where the lowercase letters represent iambic lines and the uppercase letters represent trochaic lines
This poem is mathematically precise, for the end result is a perfectly symmetrical rhyme and a checkerboard effect of stressed and unstressed syllables.


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