The Long Wait

My love has been away a long, long time,
And it looks like he’ll be gone much longer still.
I cannot say that waiting is a crime,
But it surely rubs real hard against my will.
When he returns I’ll be far past my prime;
The aches of longing all my fibers fill.

But missing him this much is just plain wrong.
I ought to occupy more carefully,
So I’ll captivate my feelings in a song,
And sing it ‘til my love returns to me.

Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Sonnetina Quattro
A sestet and a quatrain, usually in iambic tetrameter or pentameter.
The stanzas may appear in either order, but the sestet usually comes first.
Rhyme scheme: ababab cdcd
This one is in iambic tetrameter

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