New Name, Same Old Face

When I began my blog to write,
I had at first a little plight;
For certain things were on my mind,
That wouldn’t fit there—had to find
Another way to let them out,
And so the Dark Side came about.
It’s very much a part of me,
But few if any ever see.

Now, on the Dark Side of the Moon,
A name I needed, and right soon.
And so was Linda Luna born,
The “pretty moon” one happy morn.
But then I learned, to my chagrin,
My nom de plume was wearing thin;
For countless others bore the same
As my most recent given name.

On further research I was bent
To find a name more permanent,
A name that I could proudly bear.
To find this name I took great care.
I studied meanings, usage too—
A common name just would not do.
With meaning darker than the night,
I’m Abigail… it feels just right.

My readers, I would not mislead:
With introduction, I’ll proceed
To lay to rest dear Linda Lune—
With Abigail now please commune.

My full pen name is Abigail Gronway. I will still answer to Linda Luna, of course, but I’d like to officially make the switch to the new name. I’ve been using it in my copyrights for months now. Please pardon the poem above. I’m a poet, so I wanted to introduce the new name in a poem, but I spent about 15 minutes writing it, so I know it’s not the best one I’ve ever produced.

So, how did I settle on the name Abigail Gronway? Well, let’s just say it took a lot more than fifteen minutes to create this name! I researched several names and then looked them up to see if anyone else answered to the same. As far as I know, there is no other Abigail Gronway. The first name comes from a woman whose story I hope to emulate someday. The last name is a sort of acronym for the source of my inspiration.

Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved



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