Ah, the anger, the rage, the bitterness of soul—
I cannot escape it; it is my plight.
How can I let go? It has become my way of life.
Joy is a stranger.
She passes by from time to time,
But rarely does she speak to me.
She avoids me as if I have the plague.
I do. It is the plague of darkness and of death.
I love my misery, only it makes me so miserable.
I want to let go. I want to be free.
Please, help!

What? You will?
You’ve been waiting for me to ask.
You wanted me to let go so You could take it from me.
I didn’t know it could be so easy.
For so long I carried the burden—
So long.
And You right there all the time, just waiting,
Waiting to lift it from my shoulders.
But I had to let go.

Thank You! Thank You so much!


TBT, January 17, 2004
Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved

For ten long years I carried a grudge against the thrice Holy God because He would not give me my heart’s desire. During that time I continued to work in the church, but it was nothing more than a ritual to me, something I did because it was the right thing to do. Then God took me down so low spiritually and emotionally that I could do absolutely nothing but look to Him for deliverance. And when I did, He delivered me from the yoke of anger and bitterness and freed me to serve Him joyfully. He also gave me my heart’s desire. What a wonderful loving God we serve!

“Release” has a two-fold meaning. First, I had to release my grip on the sin that plagued my heart. Only then could God release me from sin’s bondage.


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