I Married an Accordion File

When I first met her she was a ten,
On account of her height, you know.
By the time she became mine, she filled the ten much fuller.
I never saw anyone file away so much so fast.
She began to expand—
But then out came number one and soon she was a ten again.
The expansion happened again—
Out came number two and believe it or not,
She went back to a ten.
The third expansion did her in—
Never again would she be a ten.
Her sphere of influence grew more and more widespread,
In keeping with the inflation rates of her dress sizes.
We play such games, my love and I.
When I squeeze her voluminous sides,
She sings more sweetly than the birds.
How can I say that I love her less
When now there is so much more of her to love?
I love her twice as much as when we wed,
For she has grown to a ten times two!


TBT, December 31, 2003
Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved

A bit of humor; written for class. There is much repetition of sounds, but I wouldn’t call it rhyme, nor is there any set rhythm or meter. 


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