Hard Times

Do you know what it’s like
To live with a family that’s not your own;
To live in a country far from home;
To speak a language you hardly know;
To hurt inside without letting it show?

How long has it been
Since someone special said you are, too;
Since those three little words were spoken to you;
Since you last enjoyed a tender embrace;
Since you knew you were loved by one of your race?

Are you ever
Lonely, although several others are near;
Frightened, although you have nothing to fear;
Discouraged, though “everything’s going your way;”
Weary, though you rest quite well every day?

And have you ever experienced
The love of God which will never perish;
His peace, which I have come to cherish;
God’s grace and strength for every test—
Salvation, through which you can claim all the rest?


TBT, January 30, 1993
Rhymed, except the first line of every stanza; no particular form
Rhyme scheme: xaabb xccdd xeeff xgghh
Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved

Life was hard while I was overseas and away from my family, but I was not without hope and happiness. There were growing pains, that is all. Overall it was a wonderful experience, and I left there wanting to go back permanently. But I definitely went through a rough patch, and have several poems to show for it. 🙂

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