I woke up with so much to do,
But first I prayed,
And then I stayed
A moment more with thoughts of you.
You make me smile—
I love your style.
You buoy me with friendship true,
And all the day
My mind’s at play,
Envisioning our rendezvous….


September 16, 2017 ~ Amphion
© 2017 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Amphion: Four tetrameter lines alternating with rhymed dimeter couplets; any subject.
Rhyme scheme: abbaccdeed
I chose iambic rhythm for this poem, but none was specified, so you may use whatever you prefer.

The rendezvous—has it already happened, are we still planning, or did I simply make it up for the sake of the mystery? I’ll never tell! 😉

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