You Gave Me Wings

Wings to Fly

However did you come to notice me,
A shy and young, yet fragile castaway?
You, sir, amazed me with your gallantry.
I thought such graciousness had long gone to decay,
But you brought hope into my clouded day.
You gave me wings and taught me how to fly;
You gave me my first view of sun’s gold ray.
Together we ascended to the sky.
And when I broke my wings and could not play,
You mended them, your true love to display.


September 29, 2017 ~ Decuain
Rhyme scheme: ababbcbcbb
© 2017 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Decuain [pronounced deck-WAN]: decastich in iambic pentameter, written on any subject.
The last two lines may rhyme in aa, bb, or cc, but all the other lines must rhyme as indicated above.

Photo courtesy of Encore Enterprises

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