Greg, you rascal,
In my thoughts you tantalize me,
You haunt my dreams—
But I awaken, and then
The mountains tower so high,
That I lose your face again.

Greg, you scoundrel,
In my memory you entice me,
You raise my hopes—
But I blink, and then
The clouds so fill the sky,
That I fear to dream again.

Greg, you wonder,
In my future you await me,
You forgive my doubts—
And I fear, but then
Your arms so hold me
That I will not leave again.

Greg, you coward,
In your speech you deceived me,
You broke my heart—
And I cried, but then
God so comforted me,
That I dare to live again.


TBT, For Gregory, January 5, 1993
Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved


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