To Robert


Back in 1982 I received a poem from an admirer declaring his love for me. He may have understood love, but as a 14-year-old, I most certainly did not. I was smart enough, however, not to lead him on.

The original letter from Robert is long lost, but as much as I can remember, it said:

It is plain and anyone can see,
But not everyone will agree—
You are the one God has planned for me.
Love is hard to share,
Love is hard to dare….

It went on a little further, but the rest is gone forever. Here was my reply to this young man:

To Robert: An Answer to Your Letter

It is not so plain as it used to be,
And to this everyone seems to agree—
I doubt you’re the one God has planned for me.
“Love is hard to share,” so you said in your letter,
But conveying your thoughts is often times harder.
God knows our future; He knows for us what’s better,
So God’s perfect will for my life I’ll not barter.

September 9, 1982

TBT: Just for the fun of it, I’m going to share my really old poems on Thursdays. Don’t laugh. I was young….

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