New Semester

The campus is alive again!
Once empty halls are bare no more
As students come from far and near—
Excitement that we love to hear.

The airport shuttle runs each day.
The campus is alive again!
Returning students, new folks too—
I love to sit and watch the view.

It’s time to check in, register.
“May I assist you with your things?”
The campus is alive again!
A sea of students fills the span.

The summer months flew quickly by,
A blend of work and needed rest.
Now helping students is our plan—
The campus is alive again!

The summer is winding down, and a new school year is upon us. For that reason, our host for this week’s Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub, Amaya Engleking, is taking us Back to School, at least in our memories.

Today was in fact my third day at a brand new job on a college campus, and to be honest, I’m exhausted. While I really wish to participate in the challenge, my gray matter has given its all for the day. So instead of reliving my old memories in a fresh poem, I decided to share an older poem of a recent memory. “New Semester” first appeared on my other blog last year about this same time and is based on my observations of students returning to school. I had made myself available to shuttle students from the airport to campus and help them get settled into the residence halls. The anticipation of the new semester was contagious, and it caused me to reflect fondly on my own college days of  years ago.

As for this year, school hasn’t quite started here yet; but when it does, I’ll see it from an entirely new perspective: that of a staff member rather than a guest. And I look forward to continuing to help new students transition to college life.


Copyright © 2018 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved
First used on The Abundant Heart Blog, September 1, 2017

A quatern is a 12-line poem written in three quatrains with eight syllables in each line. Line 1 is repeated on lines 6, 11, and 16, and there is no set rhyme scheme.

14 Replies to “New Semester”

  1. Yours would be a fun job. When I was in college I unofficially volunteered to show Chinese grad students around town because I remembered how nice it was when friendly students offered to show me around their foreign country. I like how you make the campus a living thing, and the repeated line in changing placement of the stanzas heightens the effect.

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    1. What a wonderful way to pay it forward! I’m sure the Chinese students were extremely grateful for how you reached out to them.
      Yes, this form does help to promote that sense of life and bustle, doesn’t it?


    1. Wow! What an opportunity you had. As the day approaches when the students will once again flood the campus, I feel a mix of excitement and trepidation. Though I suppose that’s normal, as the two are sisters. 🙂

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  2. I miss that feeling of school starting up again. You certainly have captured the excitement, despite your exhaustion. My daughter works at our local university and she feels it too in those early days.

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  3. I enjoyed the burst of life that come through each stanza with the repeated line here Abigail. Thanks for sharing. I am a Creative Life Coach and poet and also tried my hand a Quatern today in case you have time to look? I am also on Instagram in case you would like to follow eachother? #coachingcreatively
    Sunny Greetings from Switzerland! Sam 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Sam. Your comments mean a lot. I’ve already read your lovely poem and followed you on Instagram. Abigail Gronway is my pen name. On IG I’m known as @angelathepianolady, since I’m an artist first and foremost.

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