He Knows Not How to Wait

Sleepy-eyed, I rose from bed and stumbled to the kitchen.
Time was fully-dressed, perky, and ready to go.
“Just one more cup of coffee,” I asked.
But he left me standing there alone,
for he knows not how to wait.

The morning traffic rushed to a standstill.
Time looked at me and smiled as he eased past my car.
“Just one more minute,” I asked.
But he left me idling there,
for he knows not how to wait.

My little girl was all tucked in, and I read her a bedtime story.
Time stood at the door and gave me a look.
“Just one more book,” my daughter asked.
But he turned out the light,
for he knows not how to wait.

My little girl, now grown into a woman, will soon be wed.
Time handed me a hanky and motioned to my seat.
“Just one more hug,” I asked.
But he led her down the aisle,
for he knows not how to wait.

The husband of my youth has taken very ill.
Time stands here dressed in black.
“Just one more kiss,” I ask….

Soon the day will come when I too shall fall asleep,
and Time will come for me.
“Just one more breath,” I’ll ask.
But he will take me by the hand,
for he knows not how to wait.

Only about 5% of the universe is visible matter. There are many things that we cannot see but that exist nonetheless.” So says Jilly, this week’s host of Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub. This week’s challenge, “Unseen Things,” is to consider those things we cannot see, such as the wind, emotions, and time.

Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved


28 Replies to “He Knows Not How to Wait”

    1. Thank you, Jane. I have witnessed three people take their last breath, and for all three it was as peaceful as falling asleep. I too hope to go the same way when Time comes for me.


      1. Yes, it can be peaceful. I’ve only been with my mother when she died, and that was peaceful if you like, but in a hospital. My dad died in an ambulance, struggling against the inevitable, and my mother’s mother died in her sleep after writing farewell letters. There are lots of ways to go, but none of them particularly entice me.

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  1. Really love this. I chose time for this prompt as well, ironically I chose time for this prompt 25 years ago, showing that sometimes if time can’t wait, you just have to bend it a little bit. This was so wonderful. Like “Cat’s and the Cradle”… but without the heaps of guilt, just the quiet recognition. So beautiful.

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  2. Love this: “for he knows not how to wait” – It is powerful in its simplicity. My favorite line is “husband of my youth” because I call my wife “Wife of my youth”

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  3. Loved this. truthfully I thought this was ringing true to me because I often feel I have no time t wait and can be cordial but quick with the world around me. Then when time revealed himself I also understood. I often feel time is chasing me. Very nice and free flowing it was to read. thank you Abigail.

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  4. Oh my goodness….teary eyed am I. I felt this deeply and connected with it at so many points. I sit in my study with photos magentized to the convector across the room: my parents long departed from this world, holding out ice cream cones and smiling; my grandchildren as babes; my now grown children, when they were young. I often wonder how the past arrives so quickly.

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    1. Lillian, you touched my heart with your response. The past, to me, is like the waves of the ocean. You’re standing waist deep, looking toward the shore, then all of a sudden the past comes over your head and engulfs you.


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